What can we do for you?

You won't meet anyone with more passion or knowledge about technology or security or efficiency for your business than Jeremy. We are fully prepared to provide computer support, phones and security for your small business.


Curious how much risk you are at? Has someone already gotten in to your system?

We can protect your business inside and out, from email to workstations to security cameras. We can ensure you will never feel safer!


Is your server slow? Are you bogged down by the cost? Do you wonder if you even need a server?

We can help customize any server solution at a price that works for you. Any system where you have multiple employees needing to access programs, we can make it painless for you!


Have you ever lost a file or entire database?

We have multiple systems to store every file you have so nothing will ever be lost again. And we can restore any system/file the same day so your business is never down!

Mobile Devices

Do you need your mobile business phones more secure?

We can manage any company's mobile devices to seemlessly stream with your business needs. All the while, keeping each phone secure and protected!


How's your wifi speed? Are you frustrated at dealing with your internet provider?

We can have your network running at a constant speed and cover every area in your business!

Office 365 Tenant Management

Do you need help to set up and manage your business emails?

We can help you create an email system in the backend for your protection, and in the frontend for a professional experience for your customers.

Here at Bartel Business Services, we can help find any file. We have systems in place so the search is quick and painless. We can even back up everything you have including data, emails, workstations and servers so nothing will ever be lost. We provide disaster recovery as well for same day data restoration! 

Jeremy has made it his personal mission to provide the most security as possible for our customers. Starting with ensuring no one can even access your system with our security measures. If you have already been hacked, he can find them and secure everything needed so it won’t happen again!

Jeremy has extensive experience with networking to fix any system to work better for you! Whether it will take programming or access points, or a phone call to your internet provider, Jeremy will make it his personal mission to get your internet work at light speed to keep up with your business!

Jeremy is supporting over 80 businesses in the Fraser Valley and everything is working for everyone so they only need him part-time. He has the systems and knowledge to revamp your business so you never have to be down again. Our mission is to provide the most current systems to keep your business at the top of it’s game!

You won’t get a ticketing system with Bartel Business Services. You will get a direct line to Jeremy that he answers 24/7. Jeremy and Tara also monitor your systems all day long, every day to catch any issue before it actually becomes an issue! 

We take your budget seriously at Bartel Business Services. We want your money spent well on whatever service your business needs. Not only have we found reasonably priced services such as for our  backups and antivirus protection, but we can consult with you to save on any business service, whether it be your internet provider, mobile service or POS payment services.